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Four Wednesdays: Oct 11, 18, 25, and Nov. 1
6:00 – 8:00pm
Equilibrium Energy + Education, 850 S. Wabash Ave., Suite 300, Chicago, IL
Register today by calling (312) 786-1882

Mindful awareness is for anyone wishing peace of mind.

Mindfulness is so much more than a way to calm your mind. It gives you proven tools for gaining mastery over the most challenging aspects of your life — difficult health conditions (including depression, sleeplessness, eating disorders and high blood sugar), workplace anxiety and stress, and problems like uncontrolled anger that send relationships into a tailspin. That’s why mindfulness meditation is one of the hottest health trends of 2017, and you’ve probably seen reports on the mindfulness revolution and its scientifically proven benefits all over the media, including special editions of Time Magazine and Yoga Journal

Come and join the revolution! In this 4-week class with Dr. Bill Epperly you’ll learn powerful practices that will help you gain mastery over your life. Each week you’ll learn new mindfulness tools for working with the big four areas of life:

  1. Mindfulness of the self. You’ll learn tools for conquering anxiety, worry, depression, and anger, and how to finally gain mastery over repetitive troubling thoughts and emotions
  2. Mindfulness of the body. You’ll learn proven techniques for working with pain, food issues, sleeplessness, and other physical challenges
  3. Mindful relationships. How often have thoughtless, angry words torpedoed your relationship? You will learn techniques for mindful speaking, mindful listening, and compassion fatigue (aka burnout). You might consider taking this class with your partner
  4. Mindful approaches to work that bring the self into greater harmony and fulfillment

Each class will include presentations of new ideas and mindfulness practices, group practice time to increase your understanding of the tools and build your confidence in using them, and group sharing time, to share insights and learn from your classmates.

No prior experience with mindfulness or meditation is required.  Please wear comfortable clothing suitable for light stretching and meditation while lying down. Yoga mats will be provided.

Register today by calling 312-786-1882 or Click to Register on Equilibrium’s website.


Whole Body Mindfulness: Awakening Our Senses

Fall 2017, date TBD, Chicago, IL.Jan2 2016 blog2

In this evening of mindfulness practice, we will explore our senses as gateways to mindful awareness of the present moment. You will come away with practices you can use to relax, center yourself, and enter into the exquisiteness of every moment of your life.

We will use classic mindfulness practices including mindful breathing, walking, and tasting to experience the depth and enjoyment that is “hidden in plain sight” within our days. You’ll explore practices including:

mindfulness of the breath
mindful tasting of raw chocolate truffles
mindful listening to music
mindful relating to others in sharing
mindfulness of the body through movement and qi gong
mindfulness of thoughts

My intention for the evening is to create an experience of “wholebody mindfulness,” a felt-sense experience of mindfulness that includes all that we are: bodily sensations, feelings, and thoughts – in a gentle embrace of mindful awareness.

Please wear comfortable clothing suitable for gentle stretching and bring a meditation cushion if you have one. Meditation cushions and a limited number of chairs will be available.

Fee: $25
Contact me for details


Mindfulness and Embodiment Group

Dates and location, TBD, Chicago, IL

You’ll learn powerful meditations and qi gong movements that release the blockages held in body & mind, allowing you to more fully engage with life in the moment. Learn to relax into the now and release your resistance to living the life of your dreams. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing. Contact me for more information. Registration is required. $25/session or buy 6 sessions for $125.